Now, at the age of 26, I made enough money to buy a car worth $ 179500 in just 4 months by trading Bitcoin.

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PPosted By: Sarah Apeloko, Finance Reports, PH

[Detailed Instruction] Have you heard about Bitcoin? Perhaps you have heard of. Large amounts of money are being made on this cryptocurrency. However, not everyone can afford to buy and make money on such exchange rate. "Mining" is also quite expensive. Luckily, I found the answer! I want to let you know how you can stop work from 9am to 6pm and start making money from 15 thousand to 12 thousand VND per day in just 2 days without leaving your house. I did it, so you can also acheive it if you really want! I lose nothing much but can help you change your life completely and then acheive financial freedom. First, I would like to introduce a little bit about myself. My name is Rodel Toribio. I'm 26. I live in Manila. And I'm just an ordinary guy who comes from a normal family. I am the second child in the family. My mother is working as a nurse at an urban clinic, and my dad is driving a junk car.

During my childhood, I have always struggled to get food and clothes, and if lucky, we could spend a small amount of money to go on vacation. We even tried to get a summer holiday in 3 or 4 years. I graduated from high school. There was no money for further study; I had to make a living for myself and my parents (they were retired at that time). So I started to find a job. I worked as a salesperson with a salary of about 20 000 thousand PHP a month. This money was generally considered as ''well-paid'' at that time, in 2008 in Manila. I earned enough money to buy everything, but I had a dream - the BMW X6, a new car. It was a very expensive car, and I knew I had to save money for such a long time. But that did not defeat me - after all, that was my dream! But this dream would not come true easily.

Hmm, that was what I thought at that time ... Seven years later, the financial crisis took place. That was in December 2014, prices sky-rocketed, people went panic. I did not have anything special to lose, and I kept working hard ... But after 3 months, in March 2015, the shop where I worked went bankrupt and I lost my job. No work, no income, and I had to live on the pension of my parents. My family is no longer interested in the holidays of 2015. In two months, I frenziedly searched the internet for any opportunity. After another two weeks of searching, I was almost completely desperate, and then incidentally read a story of a person about how he could earn 200 000 thousand PHP in a month by trading bitcoins on the internet, sitting in front of his computer at home, not even leaving the chair. It's the story of how he trades with binary options on platform. It was like 'A bolt from the blue' for me. That could be my once in a lifetime chance! At first, I nearly did not know anything, but then I began to learn and dig for information on various websites, forums and blogs. I read a lot of information about this issue and then understood it clearly.

What a joy! I still remember the moment when I finally got through everything ... I will interrupt here because I want you to understand what I'm going to say next. I will say briefly and clearly about binary options, and you will not have to search to be able to understand what it is from hundreds of different websites as I have ever been. I'll save time for you. Binary options are a completely new, very simple, fast and lucrative way to make money in the financial market. As you know, different currencies are sold and bought continuously in these markets, such as the dollar, euro, pound, bitcoin, and so on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning continuity, even during the weekends and holidays. Your job is to open a free account to sell / buy currency on the website (which is called broker sites) for these options. Then you just need to put money into your account, set the deal amount, and accurately determine the direction of the Bitcoin exchange rate in the next few minutes or hours. There are two options: upper or lower. You make the decision on your own about the time you want to make a forecast - from 1 minute to 3 hours. If you make the right prediction, you'll almost double the deal amount.

Otherwise, the deal amount is deducted from your account. This will be your job, and you will be called as a "trader".

You can work anytime, anywhere you want. All you need is a computer and internet access. See, it's simple, even kids can do it! Finally, when I understood all the aspects, I could not wait and decided to try it. I signed up for free and open an account on the broker website - . It turns out to be the best broker. Once registered, my account has 10,000 virtual currency units for me to try out and learn - the broker offers them for free for everyone to practice. First, I try with a practical money. Everything went well: after first hour I earned 4 million, but that's just virtul numbers, and I want to make real money. But I can only make real money by deposit real money into my account. There are many ways to deposit funds: most credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) and e-wallets. I actually deposited real money into my trading account at that night. I used my old Visa card which was used at the store where I worked berfore. As a beginner, I deposited just a small amount; With this broker, you can start with only 500 PHP, it's such a great advantage! Anyone can afford to make a deposit like that, even myself. After selecting the Bitcoin tab, I started to trade. At that time, this type of cryptocurrency fell continuously, and I expect it to decrease further, often trading more on downward trend. One hour after starting trading with real money, I had earned nearly $26 on my account !!! Unbelievable! My heart beated, and I felt suffocated by the excitement! Everything is so good !!!

I traded on "Falling" Bitcoin and earn money! That night, I did not sleep, and the next morning I had $197 in my account !!! One hundred and ninety seven dollars !!! From 500 PHP deposited into my account the night before!! Unbelievable!!! I wanted to continue, I did not want to stop, but the sleepiness came and I logged out, just made it to the bed then slept right away...

Once waking up at noon, I looked up at the trading account again and saw $197 stil in my account. So it was not that I was dreaming !!! I sat down on the computer the next day until midnight, I had $773 in my account !!! I remember clearly these first success figures! It means I earned $773 minus the $197 that I had in the morning, so I earned $576 in 12 hours! It was over 28 000 PHP! In just half day !!! I never had that money in my life! Before going to bed, I request to transfer 15 000 PHP into my Visa card. I fell asleep and still did not believe I was successful. The sound of a new message on my phone woke me up the next morning. 15 000 PHP was already on my card!!!

15 000 PHP just got into my card !!! This method is amazing!!! It's been such a long time since I had a really good morning! The following week, I earned over 180 PHP, by the end of June - over 1 million PHP, and by the end of summer - nearly 5 million PHP, then in September I bought my lifetime dream car, which I almost forgot! A new BMW X6 worths over 5 million! Yes, I borrowed less than 1 million PHP, but with my current income, it probably did not matter. Finally, I settled my loan in two months, in November, without any sweat.

Here, I just received from the distributor agent, let's have a look. Now I write these lines and look back. I'm trying to figure out how things happened. Just think, very simple! Just because I believed in myself! First, I believed I had the chance, then I believed this was suitable for me as it was for those I had read their posts! I trully believe! You must also believe that this will be completely effective for you! This is very important - without it, nothing will happen to your life! Never! If you do not believe in yourself, you are gradually getting used to the idea that the best things in your life have become the past. And it turns out to be so ... If you are desperate, lose faith in everything, and hopeless, you lose the ability to see the opportunity to change your whole life and you will never change that! Try searching for opportunity in everything: in any event happening around you, in the people for some reasons that you happen to meet on the way, in stories that you've seen and read somewhere, in everything! Always take advantage of these opportunities, they are yours!

And it will work for you !!! For some reason I always believed that I would buy my dream car, and I did! I did not save to buy it, I only bought it from the income which is not ended, but only continuously getting bigger till today.

At the same time I'm no longer depend on any boss. I do not need a company to work at 8am with a day-off per week and stand on my feet until 5 pm as I used to. Now, in a day, I make more money than I ever made in a month. It is such a wonderful feeling !!! Is that a miracle? I don't know, maybe, but an ordinary miracle. I just read the article, just believed in myself, and started doing! And everything went well! In one way or another I was swept away with my memories and a little distracted ... 1. Create an account. It's completely free. Visit the website by clicking here. The website will be opened in a new tab or window. You can switch between them here. This is what you see at first:

Here’s how to get started:

1. Create an account. It's free. Visit the website by clicking here. The site will be opened in a new tab or window. You can switch between them here. This is what you see first:

2. Enter your email, phone number, and password. Click "Register". Congratulations, your account has been set up!

3. When you register free they will give you about 10000 ₱ made capital. You can see it in the corner of the screen:

You can try to trade with this capital. It's free! Do not worry, you do not have to pay anything.

4. The next steps are very simple

I. Select a currency pair. For example, to select the currency pair EUR / USD (as shown in the picture) click on EUR / USD.
II. Please invest. The minimum investment you can make is $ 0.5
III. Select the expiration time. The expiration time is the time until your predictions become true for you to win. Minimum expiration time is 1 minute. I usually choose 1 or 5 minutes.
IV. Make predictions and click either on the UP or DOWN buttons. This agreement will take effect after you click one of the buttons
5. Wait for the time you select as the expiration time. If your guess becomes reality, you will see a window:

Congratulations! Switch Enter from £ 100 to £ 14500 in a minute. Very simple!

6. It's time to make real money. So you will need to refill the deposit. First click "Add credit" and then you will see the following window:

Click "Add Money" again and you will see:

Choose a convenient payment method for you and deposit money to start your own business and get rich by making money with .

This amazing offer is still available as of so get started now below:

To see if you qualify, please answer these 3 questions:

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user comment

Posted by Junior

Does this really work? I mean the whole working at home stuff? Has anyone tried this yet? Looks promising...
user comment

Posted by Bandile

Junior: you have to work and use the computer and internet, and if you can do that and dedicate some time each day then you can do this with no problem. I have been working with this for a month and have made over RM 41,000 already. let me know if you need more help.
user comment

Posted by Karabo

I'd just like to add my story; I think others would like to hear it. I too was always leery about work at home offers because they always seemed to be scams. But soon after hit by recession, I was a little frightened. I wanted to have a backup plan just in case. So, I tried . It worked like a charm - I was earning money right away! I eventually did get laid off, just as I had feared, but since I had been using the system, I had money to fall back on. Now I'm doing better than I had at my job!
user comment

Posted by Mpho

Gonna get it tomorrow...
user comment

Posted by Tshegofatso

Thanks for the info, just started this 2 weeks ago. I've got my FIRST check for RM 796, pretty cool!!!
user comment

Posted by Isaac

I was kind of worried about the entire thing. I've never worked from home, But Yeah, I did just join and all is good. so I will post back how it goes!
user comment

Posted by Jane

I just wanted to tell everyone I got my first check today for RM 5,810!
user comment

Posted by Lyn

This is amazing! With all the scams online it was hard to find a legit system now a days, thanks for the info...
user comment

Posted by Lesedi

Even though I was not very pleased ordering online didn't wanna miss out on this offer, Great service and many thanks for the information, I have gone and ordered.
user comment

Posted by Lyn

It's nice to read your story Ben....glad you are making some money' Gives me hope that it will work for me too! hopefully I could come out of my college debt...
user comment

Posted by Amahle

I just got the package. Thanks for the advice! I will keep in touch.. I could be making some extra money soon...:)
user comment

Posted by Alexander

Just a quick notice... It does work but you have to be able to use a computer at least somewhat. If you can use email, etc. then you'll be fine.
user comment

Posted by Faith

I think this is great and will come in really handy right now. I'm not the best computer user but I think I can post links!!! :)
user comment

Posted by Samkelo

I just started 6 weeks ago and I've gotten 2 checks for a total of RM 13,805...this is the best decision I made in a long time! Thank you for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to make extra money from home. This extra cash has changed my life in so many ways, thank you!
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Posted by Blessing

I will do anything to never have to work in a 4 x 4 cubicle ever again...if I could be my own boss that would be amazing...
user comment

Posted by Nigel

The timing of this couldn't be better, We are struggling too and this could be our answer.
user comment

Posted by Joshua

Thanks for the info, just started this 5 weeks ago. I've got 2 checks for a total of RM 31,506, pretty cooll!
user comment

Posted by Wes

I ordered it today.. can't wait to get my hands on it.. thanks for the info...