News / India / An ordinry guy earned 60 mln rupees for his wedding in 6 months!

An ordinary guy earned 60 mln rupees for his wedding in 6 months!

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we have invited a guest with an incredible story. Just three months ago he was an ordinary waiter, and nobody believed in him. Now it is a person with a completely different fate. Our hero is a 23 years old Amir who became a millionaire and happy husband within six months!

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- Amir, please share your story with us, how did you make it?

- I was born in a "working" family. I finished middle school and could not get to the university. That's quite an ordinary story. There are thousands of similar here. I've never even thought about education because my family was poor. I've chosen a light work and started to work as a waiter in a restaurant. At this place, I met my future wife. She often came in there. Once I found the courage and asked her on a date. That's how we started having an affair. We loved each other immediately. Full of hope, I set forth to her parents asking their daughter's hand. Of course, an ordinary worker like me did not deserve their daughter, and I was rejected. It was a noble and famous family, and they were thinking about rich fiance for their daughter. I was suppressed. The idea that we can not be together was killing me, and I did not know what to do. Can you imagine the suffering of a person who lost his right for happiness? My life is devoid of meaning or purpose or hope. Every day I just went to work and was killing my time on the Internet during the evenings. But that's where the chance came... One day, after work, I was watching videos on Youtube and saw a video about financial markets. I don't even watch this normally because there are a lot of scams online. But here I thought: "who knows, maybe it is true? It could be my chance!". So I continued to look for the information about this. I felt so ridiculous, so humiliated and heartbroken after the refusal, so I was ready for anything. After I read some articles and watched more videos, it turned out that it's quite simple. Moreover, I encountered a ton of positive feedback on the Internet about this, so I decided to try.

- What made you finally decide to? Weren't you afraid of this?

- Of course, I had doubts, but I had the choices of becoming financially successful or remain poor forever and never marry the woman whom I love. So, I have chosen the platform and complied with training there. It turned out to be very simple. The minimum investment was just one dollar, and I decided that it is enough. I invested 1 dollar and won! Then I started to trade using the Martingale system. It is quite straightforward: each time your forecast is not correct you double your investment. So, you can avoid losses at all while using this system. Initially, I was very nervous, but I succeed! At the first day, I won 5000 rupees! The system worked, and I lost my mind because of happiness! A week later I already had a significant amount. And three weeks later I came to the parents of my beloved again.

-Were they surprised?

-Of course, they did! A month earlier I was just a deadbeat with nothing, and now I came with a new car. We talked, and they were pleasantly surprised by my assertiveness and success. So they gave permission. A month later I earned for a wedding and a new house for my new family. Now I do not depend on anybody. The parents of my wife stay calm because I can provide everything to their daughter. We live happily now. Every day I feel pleased that I were not afraid of risk and did not miss my real destiny.

This story made a splash in our news agency. The guy made more money for a couple of months than for the last year! It is an outstanding example. He is telling us to stand by our decisions and do not be afraid of taking risks. As we can see, ambitious persons are happy not only in love but can earn good money as well! Be happy, my dear friends!

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Why ?

When we asked him why was the option he decided to go with, his answer was thorough:

“There were a few things I was looking for. First of all, I wanted to find an option that offers high rewards and low risk. Based on my calculations and some testing it was a perfect match.

The second very important thing for me was that the option I choose does not require too many investments in terms of time spent on a daily basis managing the platform. There would be little use of something that works great and generates all the income I wish for if I can’t enjoy the benefits of my new financial situation.

That is why was a clear winner out of the myriad of options that were available. Using this, I can spend only a few hours a day working, while all the other time I can use for pleasure and relaxation. A man should enjoy the fruits of his work.”


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