Special Report: The New Delhi student's unexpected success

24-year student earns more than $7 000 per month

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Chatur Pande, who is 24 years old now used to be an ordinary cashier in a supermarket after he was expelled from a university. Now he is one of the youngest millionaires in the world who was able to earn 97,658 dollars during the last month. Chatur Pande told us his story of success with .

Ajatasatru Phadanis specially for

Our family always had little money. All my life I needed to save because we did not have money even when I was a child. The one thing that I dreamed about from the childhood is to study in a college or university. I dreamed of being the first in my family who get a college degree because I used to think that the college degree would help me to earn a lot of money and I will be able to support our family. Also, I hoped to get a financial freedom that I always dreamed about.

So after graduation from middle school, I took an education loan and began to work as a cashier in a local supermarket to pay it off.

Hard work in a supermarket took me hours, and I was always tired, did not have enough time to sleep and began to miss classes. I could not stop working or reduce the number of shifts because I needed to pay off a loan. I had problems at the University because I always missed classes. At last, I was expelled from the University. So, I was left without education with a big loan that I needed to pay off.

I surfed the net once and found a YouTube video about trading binary options on . It was an online video. I became interested because the method was pretty easy, though I never thrilled with lectures about the Economy in the University.

I basically make $6,000-$8,000 a month online.

Chatur Pande

I managed to earn from the very first day. I understood the simple steps of the strategy that I still use, and I made my first 100 dollars within one hour! Firstly, I thought that it is just a trick, and they were not going to return my money citing various reasons. However, I was able to withdraw the money without any difficulties upon the first request!

Three months later I had enough money for a new luxury car I have always dreamed of.

Step by step guide to successful trading from Chatur Pande.

1. Create an account. It's free. Visit the website by clicking here. The site will be opened in a new tab or window. You can switch between them here. This is what you see first:

2. Enter your email, phone number, and password. Click "Register". Congratulations, your account has been set up!

3. When you register free they will give you about ₹25 000 made capital. You can see it in the corner of the screen:

You can try to trade with this capital. It's free! Do not worry, you do not have to pay anything.

4. The next steps are very simple

I. Select a currency pair. For example, to select the currency pair EUR / USD (as shown in the picture) click on EUR / USD
II. Please invest. The minimum investment you can make is $0.5
III. Select the expiration time. The expiration time is the time until your predictions become true for you to win. Minimum expiration time is 1 minute. I usually choose 1 or 5 minutes.
IV. Make predictions and click either on the UP or DOWN buttons. This agreement will take effect after you click one of the buttons
5. Wait for the time you select as the expiration time. If your guess becomes reality, you will see a window:

Congratulations! Switch Enter from ₹300 to ₹60000 in a minute. Very simple

6. It's time to make real money. So you will need to refill the deposit. First click "Add credit" and then you will see the following window:

You know, I agreed to tell you my story because I want people to understand how they can live. I'm glad to share my knowledge because if nobody had done this for me before, I would not become who I am now."

Choose a convenient payment method for you and deposit money to start your own business and get rich by making money with .

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Chatur Pande is a regular student who lost his job last year, and after an unsuccessful job hunt, he started working online. I interviewed him about his amazing story and he revealed his steps for success.

Step 1: Go to Go to to gain instant VIP access to the program..

Step 2: Fill out the basic online form on their website to create your account and to get started with the program.

Step 3: You should receive your first check within a week or so. Or you can start to have them wire directly into your bank account. (Your first checks will normally be about $500 to $1,500 a week, then it goes up from there. It completely depends on how much time you spend on it.)